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Executive Summary February 9, 2015

20 Apr 2015 5:48 PM | Anonymous

NESLA Board Meeting Executive Summary

February 4, 2015

Virtual Meeting


Attendance: Irene Kwidzinski, Jamie Greene, Joyce Lucas, Linda McSweeney, Merlyn Miller, Judi Paradis, Gerri Fegan, Carol Sweny, Jennifer Reed, Charlie White, Carol Gordon, Shelley Stedman, Mary Ellen Minichiello

Call to Order: 6:05

Treasurer’s Report: Merlyn Miller

Our current bank total is $16,712.44 and our current PayPal account total is $179.65 making our total balance as of February 4, 2015 — $16,892.09.

The number of Paypal membership transactions since we began using Paypal last May totals 20 in 2014 and 5 so far in 2015.

Beginning balance August 2014……….$16,920.84

The Board discussed the need to consider finances as we undergo a transition in our mission.  We are currently dependent solely on membership dues for income, which will not be sufficient to maintain our current level of spending over time.

AASL Region I:  Members who attended the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Chicago January 29-February 2 gave an overview of the work done by the AASL Affiliate Assembly.  

Merlyn reported on the work done Saturday by the Coordinating Team and the afternoon session run by Ken Stewart.  On Sunday we heard from AASL candidates and lots of committee updates, and there was a caucus time.  AASL Executive Director Sylvia Norton acknowledged the commendations and concerns submitted by Affiliate Assembly members in June 2104.  The idea of providing virtual national meetings is not going to be possible.  The lack of wifi was very frustrating, and prevented us from sharing information both within the meeting and with our members and other supporters not present.  Jennifer expressed great excitement about the RebelMouse platform that is going to be used to aggregate social media being shared about the AASL conference 2015 in Columbus.  You can see this here:

Shelley reported that concern 13 and 14 were those not approved and involved communication issues.  

Irene asked that those who were present at ALA Midwinter collaborate on some information to post to the Facebook page.

AECT Report:  Details about the upcoming AECT conference can be found here  NESLA was asked to present, but we are not sure we are ready for that this year.   It was suggested that the proposal offer to present at the Indianapolis conference in November might be an opportunity to highlight our restructuring of the affiliate to other leadership affiliates of Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

State Reports were received as follows:




New Hampshire

Rhode Island


New Business


We received 6 nominations for awards.  

Elizabeth Fast:  Judi Paradis

Hallisey Award:  Carolyn Markusson

Hall of Fame:  Ann Perham, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Michelle Luhtala, Judi Paradis

Irene recommended that we all approve these unanimously.  


Nominations for Election

Irene asked for nominations for President-Elect and Secretary.  There is not a candidate for either position at this time, and we have a month to find candidates to fill these slots for April 1.  

Re-Imagining NESLA

Irene extended thanks to Carol Gordon and Michelle Luhtala for their hard work creating a survey that will be used to poll NESLA and state organization members to help focus the work and mission of NESLA.  

Carol Gordon asked for input on the survey and explained some of the thinking that went into its design.  Board members suggested several suggestions to ensure appropriate organizations and individuals filled out the survey and that the information gathered would be helpful in guiding our work going forward.

Carol Gordon stated her belief that this survey will be useful both in helping us craft ideas for planning for NESLA as an organization, as well as generating some data that states may find useful.  She thought this could be interesting to share at state library conferences and suggested sharing a presentation throughout the region.  

Our goal is to have the survey ready to go out March 1.  We discussed ways to ensure it would be widely circulated to ensure a good response.


  • Status as of 1/28/15

    • 94 members (CT 12; ME 6; MA 18; NH 14; RI 1; VT 35; Honorary 3; Lifetime 7; Retired 2; Student 0)

    • Bulletins sent to members in December and January

Irene pointed out that membership is up.  Irene also stated that until our “re-imagining” is complete, it will be difficult to think about how to promote ourselves in a way to get new members.

Irene asked board members to be think about the following for our May face-to-face meeting:

  • membership models

  • strategies for financing NESLA projects

  • implementing changes outlined in our new mission statement

Next board meeting:   May 9 @ 10 - 2 (F2F) site TBA

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