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Executive Summary May 15, 2015

19 May 2015 1:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Executive Summary

NESLA Board Meeting 5/9/15

1:30 - 5 p.m.

Forbes Library, Northampton MA

1:30-2:15 Awards Luncheon - Awards were presented to Carolyn Markuson, Michelle Luhtala and Mary Ellen Minichiello. Judi Paradis was unable to attend but Amy Short read her thank you speech to the board for the honor of the Elizabeth T. Fast Award and induction into the Hall of Fame. Awards were mailed to Judi Paradis and Ann Perham, who was also unable to attend.

Board Meeting:

Attendance: Susan Ballard, Carol Gordon, Irene Kwidzinski, Michelle Luhtala, Doug Maitland, Duncan Maitland, Carolyn Markuson, Merlyn Miller, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Amy Short, Shelley Stedman, Carol Sweny, Fran Zilonis 

Call to Order:  2:27

2:15 - 3:00  Consent Items

Approval of Minutes 

1. February 4th minutes - accept with editing suggestions

Treasurers Report: Merlyn - motion Michelle, 2nd Amy

AASL Region I: Michelle & Shelley

Shelley, our regional representative at Affiliate Assembly, reminded everyone that concerns and commendations due to her by May 15.  

Share concerns and possibly combine those on the same issue

Amy Short shared the MSLA concern on Common Core Testing and the Impact on School Libraries. School libraries are losing instructional time because the online format testing, extra time for testing and makeup testing takes place in the library. Collaborative projects shared online are also negatively impacted. MSLA would like AASL to develop a position paper expressing concern about the impact of standardized testing for the Common Core on access to school libraries and technology. Michelle noted that there is a rally on this in Hartford next week. Michelle also noted that this will be a long-standing concern that will impact the economic and digital divide. Carolyn related anecdotes about testing disruption. Michelle related that her juniors have lost 7 instructional days and her instruction on the research process has been seriously delayed. Carol believes that teachers could be powerful allies for this concern and that we seek support outside of our library circle. The suggestion was made that we ask AASL to seek endorsements from our instructional partners, ex. NEA, PTO. 

Shelley presented CASL’s concern that school library positions are going unfilled without dynamic, qualified, certified candidates for the available positions. CASL would like AASL to develop a media recruitment campaign to identify and encourage appropriate candidates. This would include advocacy packets for teachers to become school librarians. This should include skills, interest inventory and highlight some exemplary practitioners. They would like the areas of the web site dedicated to school librarian recruitment to be updated and contain working links. 

NESLA was included on both concerns to show these were concerns throughout the region. Shelley cited NESLA’s new “Become a School Librarian!” page on our website as action taken in the region. The NESLA recruitment page has links to state association pages with school library career information. 

Commendations submitted by each state

MSLA will submit a commendation for the Wondermore program.

CASL will re-submit the 3 commendations from last year: Iconn, Nutmeg Award, and CLC.

AECT Report:  Charlie

AECT will have their annual conference in Indianapolis Nov. 3-7, 2015. Their Summer International Research Symposium is in Shanghai June 17-19, 2015.

State Reports: 




New Hampshire 

Rhode Island


Presidents Report: 

Election - Irene congratulated the newly elected officers. The transition of officers will begin September 1. Mary Ellen will develop the September agenda.

We will renew our Wild Apricot subscription by prepaying our subscription for two years saving $162. By becoming a multi-chapter subscriber, each affiliate receives an additional 5% discount. 

3:00 - 5:00  Old Business (Discussion Items)


Re-Imagining NESLA

PowerPoint Presentation: Carol and members of the Transition Committee elaborated on the highlights of the committee report and their 7 recommendations.

Discussion of survey responses

Discussion of the Database of NE School Library Associations (p17-27 in the Transition Report)

Report and Recommendations of the Transition Committee

Recommendation 1: Revise the proposed mission statement. 

Recommendation 2: NESLA develop and execute a well-communicated strategic plan that includes outreach and communication initiatives that reflect, clarify and publicize its mission and goals.

Recommendation 3: NESLA partner with state associations to support them in delivering services requested by their members and use the survey to guide planning, including prioritizing, designing and implementing events and services.

Recommendation 4:  NESLA use the evidence provided by the survey to set priorities for the goals in their strategic plan. Since comments from respondents to this section of the survey indicate that all items on the list of possible services were helpful, the list could be useful for future planning when goals have been met and priorities change. 

Recommendation 5: NESLA use the data from the NESLA survey to co-ordinate and co-plan events with the state associations using two-year plans to establish a regional calendar of events.

Recommendation 6: NESLA reach out to state associations and AASL to collaborate with national education and technology associations, legislators, vendors, researchers, and experts in leadership, public relations, intellectual freedom, curriculum, professional evaluation, and other areas of interest to their members.

Recommendation 7: NESLA create a template for the information needed in the database and use the template to complete the collection of information found in Appendix A of this report. A task force could create the database, update it annually, share it with the state associations, and promote its use as a tool for planning NESLA’s communication and collaboration initiatives.

d. Habits of Mind Initiative webinars will begin May 13.


We have to build a NESLA reputation and be recognized for our good work. Build a brand. Tag everything we do.

need to look at a two year window

it is a sea change!

our currency is expertise

B. Timetable for recommendations

disseminate report

provide for feedback on our website in the forum tab & Facebook

participate in Habit of Mind initiative

maintain NE school library associations database

our work is to curate what is already done out there & distribute through our website

begin in September

C. What does NESLA need?

leadership theme most productive option


D. The board voted to continue the Transition Committee. 

New Business:

Future Meetings: Saturday, September 19, F2F, 10-2 p.m. in Dublin NH

Adjourn:  5:08


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