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Executive Summary September 19, 2015

29 Nov 2015 7:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Executive Summary

NESLA Board Meeting

September 19, 2015

10:00 - 2:00

Keene Public Library NH 

Attendance:  Mary Ellen Minichiello, Julie Williams, Shelley Stedman, Merlyn Miller, Carolyn Markusson, Meredith Moore, Anna Bolognani, Kathy Lawrence, Anita Bellucci, Chris Barlow, Amy short, Irene Kwidzinski, Judy Paradis, Carol Gordon.

Call to order: 10:14

Approval of Minutes: accepted unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Wild Apricot paid for the next two years. $730.04 balance in PayPal. Total funds in the treasury: $16,147.74.

AASL Region I Report: Pam (not in attendance) and Shelley.  Shelley gave an update on actions at the AASL Affiliate Assembly. Concerns were consolidated by topic. There will be an update from the AASL president at midwinter in January. Shelley shared the AASL Leadership Summit Handbook; Allison Cline did the section on membership.

AECT Report:  Charlie did not send a report.

State Reports:  Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire

President’s Report:

Old Business (Discussion Items)

1. Irene sent out NESLA’s End of Year report to board members, which included the new mission statement and a summary of the results of the survey given to our members. Thank you, Carol and Michelle, for your work on the survey.  

2. Some board members tried to link into the archives of Habits of the Mind webinars; they could not find the links and were unable to watch the webinars.  Can there, will there be a follow up?

New Business:

1. Carol, Irene, and I spent a day discussing the survey results and creating a feasible goal for NESLA in 2015-16. We will present our ideas in sections, beginning with the status on our members’ recommendations found in the survey: (Carol, Irene, and I) 

Collaborative conference resources, internal tablet for planning, what do associations need, NESLA celebration??  What do members want?  Communication, connect, collaboration.  Trying not to repeat what state organizations are doing.  Trying to help.  

2. Keeping in mind the recommendations, establish a network of communication people: one in each state, who is responsible for keeping NESLA updated on their state’s important events throughout the year. Provide NESLA funding to the two communication directors, who will organize all of the materials.  Irene and tentatively Michelle will be the two directors for this year.(Discuss) 

3. NESLA’s goal for 2015-16 begins with preliminary planning on a 

project that will begin in the fall of 2016.  

Collaborative Conferencing involves states creating videos on their conferences, highlighting keynote speakers and sessions.  These videos will be archived on the NESLA website for members to view.  Some of the work that needs to be done this year is to create a template for the video and find out if vendors might be interested in sponsoring the videos, if their products were included in the videos.

One idea from the executive transitional committee’s meetings was to look at the infrastructure of the board: how do we have consistent, responsible liaisons to the NESLA board? 

             Broader about the format - Twitter, Prezi, Instagram, etc.  We need to share more.

4. One idea from the executive transitional committee’s meetings was to look at the infrastructure of the board: how do we have consistent, responsible liaisons to the NESLA board?


5.  Plan a reception for New England school librarians during ALA’s National Conference in Boston this coming January.  Discuss.

6. Plan a New NESLA Summit in the spring.  Invite state boards to come without charge for a two day conference focusing on Collaborative Conferencing, the very successful legislation work done in Massachusetts and Vermont, the results of the survey, and other special highlights that states could present.   Discuss

7. Wild Apricot is NESLA’s official website; it is a valuable tool that everyone should be using and sharing with other library media specialists.  Irene will share her experience with Wild Apricot by giving us an overview of the site. 

ListServ on the Wild Apricot sites


4 people have admin rights to the NESLA site

    8. NESLA will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. We are looking for any material on past NESLA conferences and workshops.  Please let one of the officers know if you have any information.  

Carolyn, Carol, Doug???  Sue Ballard?  How to involve state organizations.

    9. Carol will lead a  presentation that will lead us into our work for this year.

What is the goal?

What is the action we are going to take?

Who is going to do it?

When will we see something happening?

How is it going to happen?  Funding, resources, materials?

Consult: Carole (creating leaders, mentoring, looking for “young” librarians), Julie, Carolyn, Amy

Communicate: Irene (website, membership, sharing), Merlyn, Kathy

Connecting: Mary Ellen (summit, states share initiatives), Meredith

Collaborate: Judy (conference sharing, states sharing), Anna

Groups met for about 20 minutes, took notes to fill in chart, and then we all discussed.

Link to Carol’s presentation and completed chart


Communication as a priority

Collaborating very close and similar to communication



Carole spoke a bit about the Constitution and governing board.

Break for lunch at 12:13 

Reconvened at 12:48

Set meetings:

November 17th 5:00 - 6:00 Virtual

February 9th 5:00 - 6:00 Virtual

May 21st 10:00 - 2:00 Sanburn High School in Kingston, NH

Adjourn at 2:13 

Mary Ellen made a motion

Carol seconded


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